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Due to its price, quality and adaptability, aluminum wire mesh works perfectly in many applications. Due to the nature of its flexible material, the mesh is easy to form, mold and cut using basic hand tools that can be easily found in any hardware store. Tin scissors can cut heavy 2 meshes into 10 meshes, while household scissors should be suitable for finer meshes, such as 16 meshes and above. We offer a variety of screen types based on material, surface treatment, size and weaving method, which means unlimited combination to meet the needs of your project. We also offer laser cutting services to create custom parts accurately, efficiently and economically. We are here to help you find the best grid for you. Features and uses people tend to aluminum wire mesh, because it is both light and strong. This material is the key to building many vents, fan hoods and filters. In addition, the aluminum fan hood can prevent birds, bats and snakes from entering the bay.

Aluminum is often the first choice because of its relative bearing capacity, and its price is lower than other metals. Its high conductivity makes it very suitable for various applications and resistant to corrosion under most normal conditions. Industry, marine, aerospace, transportation and many other industries are turning to aluminum mesh for their unique advantages.

Its uses include:

· 8 meshes exclude bees from attics and other housing spaces.

An 8 mesh or finer screen protects the exhaust fan from debris and insects.

The size including 20 mesh is an important part of the roof vent.

A series of aluminum mesh discs can filter, filter and perform other important tasks in pipes, conduits and pipes. Next to the heavier wire mesh, aluminum can reduce the weight by up to 65%, which makes it a necessary material for light screen. It is also very flexible and can be used in applications where the steel mesh is hard, such as vents.

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