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Brass wire mesh is famous for its wear resistance and tensile strength, which is a common choice in various industries and applications. The mesh can be used as a convenient pipeline filter for the pipeline and add charm to the cabinet door. The unique gold of brass is also dazzling and can be used for creative purposes, such as sculpture and decorative decorations.

Brass wire mesh is one of the various wire mesh materials provided by twp Inc. Compared with other grids, brass contains 60% to 70% copper and 30% to 40% zinc, which is a relatively flexible product.

Although the alloy is also corroded when exposed to ammonia, salt water and other salts, its strength exceeds that of copper wire mesh. When conductivity is not very important, brass may be the ideal choice for your next project.

Features and uses

Brass mesh is a rather hard material, but it can be bent by hand, and there will be some rebound after bending or forming. It is usually used for filtration and separation. Brass is also a common material for mesh filter discs, and it must be durable enough to complete a series of tasks. In addition to these applications, brass wire mesh also plays a key role in the following processes:

Brass decorative lamp

Process paper

· spandrel screen  Filling panel

· room partition  Logo

· ceiling  Sculpture

· filter tray

Art, homeowners and interior designers appreciate the unique light yellow gold color of brass wire mesh to infuse warmth into any project. Brass is versatile enough to complement most themes, including modern, traditional and rustic decor. In our ancient brass plated mesh eyes, the steel surface is coated with a glossy brass luster, which is very beautiful in indoor vents, cabinets and entertainment centers