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The mining and minerals sector demand high-quality solid-liquid and solid-gas filtration. We supply wide range of filter products and solutions offers maximum performance to meet those demands. Using our well-established and growing worldwide support network of highly qualified filtration, application and market specialists, we continuously improve technologies and innovate products to suit each mining, refining, electrowinning and smelting applications.

We bring our extensive industry experience and knowledge to meet your process requirements. We have experienced each resource cycle alongside our mining and mineral processing partners, and we understand the challenges faced by the modern mining sector. As a SHAOKANG customer, we focus on your needs and work with you when environmental and safety standards change. As mineral and water resources become scarcer and commodity prices experience highs and lows, we partner with you to provide solutions that are best suited for you. Whether your process is focused on minerals or energy, we are experts in fine tuning our filtration products to max your product value.



1. Alumina and Aluminium

2. Tailing and Concentrate Dewatering

3. Iron and Steel

4. Base and Precious Metals

5. Coal

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