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Copper wire mesh is flexible, malleable, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. These characteristics make it widely used in RFI shielding, Faraday cage, HVAC and many electrical based applications. Copper wire mesh can be easily bent, but still maintain its strength.


The first time the copper mesh is reddish yellow, it will gradually change color (discoloration) to green / blue, known as copper green. The effect of copper green can be accelerated by first removing surface grease from the mesh using "shower power" TM or similar mild household cleaning products. After washing, the copper will glow but not protected.

In outdoor environment, under the conditions of coastal and other climate conditions, discoloration will become obvious in less than six months, or the color may remain unchanged for many years in desert conditions. This discoloration can be prevented by painting, waxing or oiling the mesh regularly to protect it from atmospheric effects.

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